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Upgrade OS on Ultrabook

Is it possible to upgrade the Windows 7 on the ultrabook to Windows Professional or Windows Enterprise?


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Re: Upgrade OS on Ultrabook

Yes, the Windows "anytime upgrade" from Microsoft will allow you to upgrade (if you really need those features).  I have a desktop system with Win 7 64 bit Professional, and I've never used the extra features.  I'm building a new desktop and it will only have Windows 7 64 bit Home on it.

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Re: Upgrade OS on Ultrabook

Hi dowpnt,

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Upgrading Windows 7 Home Premium to Windows 7 Professional or Windows 7 Enterprise is possible.

Please let us know your system model as you can upgrade using “windows anytime upgrade” or using the “OS disk”, but in some of the “Ultrabooks” doesn’t have CD/DVD drive.

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Re: Upgrade OS on Ultrabook

the “OS disk”, but in some of the “Ultrabooks” doesn’t have CD/DVD drive.

For the ones that don't have a CD/DVD drive a bootable USB can be made with the retail .isos as in my wiki Microsoft Windows 7 official .iso downloads. You may use the bootable USB to install Windows as normal as per my wiki A Clean Install of Windows 7. However Windows 7 anytime upgrade is recommended.

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