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Upgrading Vista 32bit to 64bit

I just recently found out that I could have upgraded for free to Vista Ultimate 64 from the 32bit version. Now that my warranty has ran out

what do I have to do to get a hold of the upgrade disc?  I really wish I would have known this sooner... I would have done it before  my

warranty expired.    Any info on how I can get a hold of and upgrade disc would be helpful hopefully it won't cost an arm and a leg and if so how

much am I looking at as money is tight these days.

Thanks Jeff 

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Re: Upgrading Vista 32bit to 64bit

If you are out of warranty then you will need to purchase a retail version. The free upgrade as you mention was only for systems that were within warranty and then there were a lot of issues with getting one even then.

the cheapest version would be a OEM version rather than a full retail version.

you will have to do a clean install regardless as you cannot go from a 32 bit to 64 bit with an upgrade.

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