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Win7 64-bit onto Intel 120 Gb SSD 510 series

I plan to install win 7 64-bit onto a Solid State Drive. The operating system is on the C drive partition of my hard drive.

How should I do this?

Should both drives be connected and then erase the C partition on the hard drive from setup and then install onto the SSD?

Should the BIOS be reset when the SSD drive in plugged into the motheroboard?

What about the OEM system restore partition. How can I delete this partition? The computer came with Win 7 home and was upgraded to business (18 Gb RAM). And since SP1 has been released, the restore partion has little use.



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Re: Win7 64-bit onto Intel 120 Gb SSD 510 series

Actual installation to an SSD is not any different from installation to a regular HDD.  If you don't want  your old installation or the Recovery partition, then yes, simply delete partitions (including the Recovery Partition) on the HDD, then select to install to the SSD.  BIOS does not need to be "reset", but you might boot to BIOS just to make sure that 1) the drive and size is recognized properly, and 2) that SATA operation is set to AHCI (not ATA).

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