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Windows update in sept causing crash of desktop system

This is the symptom.  A windows update occurred on ~9/16 -9/17 on the system.  At that point when it did the reboot to apply the patch, the system crashed.  Any attempt to restart would result in either crash right away, crash when doing the windows icon thing, and after a login within a minute or so a crash would occur.  When rebooting the system in safe mode, i could only reboot it in safe mode without the internet.  Using the internet in safe mode would also crash the system.  Finally I was able to boot the system in safe mode, no network.  After trying different things that didn't work, I went to look at the event log and that led me to find the windows update that occured during that time.  So my first restore went back to the prior time, and seemed to work fine, then the system went ahead and did the update again, and the system was hosed again.  So on the second restore, went back and restored to the good config date, and turned off the system update.  That had it being fine until some system update got thru and applied the updates again.  Rebooted the system to restore back to the prior day for the install.  Created a restore point for the system, and again turned off the windows update.  Just again on 10/20 the same thing happened again, but this time I don't have the restore point we made about 3 week ago, and can only bring up the system in safe mode with no net, any other type of boot crashes the system.  Has anyone else been seeing with dell desktops.  It is windows 7 64 bit I7 core, I think the model is 8700, but not infront of system to give exact details.  Would like to get this hammered out so that we don't get this update thing happening all the time.

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Re: Windows update in sept causing crash of desktop system

You can turn off auto update and you can hide the bad update so it is not offered again. Right click on the bad update and choose Hide and you won't see it again. Another way to uninstall instead of using system restore is to boot into Safe Mode and uninstall the update in Add-remove in Control Panel with Show Updates selected. When you hide the update, make sure to make a note of the update's number for identification in the update list.

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