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software CDs

I'm doing a complete overhaul of my computer systems including having a look through all the CDs that I have been sent over the years. When I purchased my Dell PC they sent me a Dell dimension resources CD containing ISP software, application software, EICON help web whose code number on the label is ripped and unreadable, a Dell dimension resources CD with frequently asked questions, online documentation diagnostics and utilities, device drivers on it,. Additionally I have a Sound Blaster live value digital 1024 software, an Intelipoint 3.2 mouse software, and a WINDVD 2000 to launch WINDVD,.none of which I have used. My question is what were they for and do I need to keep them? (I would imagine it is a common problem for those not totally literate concerning computer software of not knowing what is important to keep and what can be thrown away?. Any advice would be gratefully received.

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