studio xps 9100 64 bit crashing when reinstalling Windows 7 (was crashing on boot after dell splash)

xps 9100 has been crashing on boot up once a month  recently.  Last week crashed almost everyday.

Windows update was not loading one update for weeks and thought that was it so I backed up everything and attempted reinstall from OEM disc.  Went fine and loaded  but when it did check disk it crashed after 10 minutes or so.  Tried to reinstall again.  Crashed again after loading and restarting.  This time gave 6 beeps which it had done 10% of the time when it crashed.  Opened case, cleaned and made sure it was not loose connection.  hooked up monitor both "VGA and digital just in case cable was issue.  Same deal crashed this time 40 % through check disk.  Tried to do testing using f12.  choose crashing on boot.  Tested all the way through a test about SATA data (did front  of disk, back of disk and 64% of llast check (middle?? can't remember). 

Only beeped 6 times one time when crashing tonight.. crashed about 8 times.  Letting it rest.  First thought was Video card.  Windows update error was 80070490 (sfc also crashed.... trying to fix that error so figured I would just reinstall Windows). 

Office also started to have issues with Normal.dotm and giving error a file error has occurred (C;\users\my name\doccuments\file name)  last week and after attempting to fix it for a day I uninstalled it and was going to install when windows 7 was reinstalled.  It would also give a disk full error some times.  Ran disk clean up and noticed system queued windows error reportin...(second listing - first stopped at report...) was 82.8 GB  windows update clean up was 6.4 GB.  Don't have a clue what that means but wanted to mention it.

ran minitoolbox by farbar and first error was faulting application name IAStorDataMgrSve.exe, version:  Errors on that file took up 2 1/2 pages of report.  System error The ScRegSetValueexW call failed for Failure Command with following error %%5.  other errors wer concerning Diagnostics tracking service.office sessions showed the IAStorData Mgr errors again.  Code integrity errors  showed windows is unable toverify the image integrity of the file \Device\HarddiskVolume3\ComboFix\catchme.sys because hash could not be found on the system...

I was headed out to buy a graphics card but now I am not sure what it is...  Figured when windows install lasted longer than a minute that the problem may be disk failure or something else.  So here I am.  I know little about this stuff so any help would be amazing.

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RE: studio xps 9100 64 bit crashing when reinstalling Windows 7 (was crashing on boot after dell splash)

Sounds like a major failure and reinstalling windows or replacing hardware without knowing what's wrong is useless. The first thing to consider is a hard drive failure. Run the pre boot diagnostics with the special Custom Hard drive test--not the Quick one included in the default test. Hard drives don't have front and backs. It either works or it doesn't and any error means you must replace the drive. And you might have other hardware failures too.

Since this computer is reaching its end of life soon or already has, consider replacing it instead of spending any money trying to fix it. 

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RE: studio xps 9100 64 bit crashing when reinstalling Windows 7 (was crashing on boot after dell splash)

ran the test you suggested.  took overnight to run.  when if finished I was not in the room,  Went right into windows install.  Never saw results.  Where would they be?  Only error I saw at any time last night was something like "found empty space listed as allocated"  Each test it asked me to run had no errors.  The read all spaces on drive is the test that took so long.  Re-ran confidence and drive self test test with no errors and now running read test

When it installed windows everything seemed fine until about the 3rd restart for windows updates.  Hung and did the 6 beeps.  Plan on re-running the long test tonight again.  It would be great to know where results are.  It ran from 1am last night until 1:40 today without a crash or restart.  I checked in the middle of the night and when I got up.  I was in the room with the computer for most of the morning.  the test numbers   xxxxx of xxxx never went down showing a restart fo the test.  Not sure what to make of it.

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