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vista 64bit

i have an xps720 4gb ram 7950gx2-2 quad-sli,xfi sound core 2 extreme,i have been weeks trying to get 64bit vista and or xp-64bit installed vista gets about 3/4 done then just starts rebooting and xp will blue screen on me after awhile, fedora 8 64bit installs fine. any ideas would be appreciated thx
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Re: vista 64bit

Without the Bluescreen error is hard to determine why, but I guess may be becaus you're using 4Gb of RAM. Try installing XO/Vista using only 2 Gb, when finish try add the other 2Gb
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Re: vista 64bit

In addition......
In order to get the OS to see and address the 4 Gigs you must take out 2 sticks as GioAguilar stated, leave them aside.  Install windows.  Then install the Microsoft Hotfix below so the additional 2 Gb will be seen and addressed. 
Lots more work but that's microsoft for you.
Hotfix download link  (Applies to Vista only)

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Re: vista 64bit

i will give it a try.but.. i have vista 64 installed on another pc also with 4gb ram and no issues at all during just happens with the xps720 thx for the input
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