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windows xp 64 bit on indpiron 531s

someone please help me, i cannot find the proper chipset driver to run windows xp 64 bit on my inspiron 531s. The system is bassicly useless without it. If anyone can find me a link or offer any help at all i'd greatly appreciate it.

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Re: windows xp 64 bit on indpiron 531s

If you cannot locate your drivers on the original dell drivers download page for your laptop and OS, you just try to search for the drivers using dell webpage search.

I have found all the XP 64 drivers I needed for my Latitude D830 laptop chipsets/devices - sometimes different laptop models use the same chipsets/devices.

In addition you could visit your chipset/device manufacturer for updated drivers - very recommended.

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RE: windows xp 64 bit on indpiron 531s




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