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WDM Installation & Getting Started with Packages & Images

WDM Installation & Getting Started with Packages & Images

Hello everyone,

New to all this and trying to get my head around things. I've recently installed WDM for Workgroups and I'm trying to get a standard image going for any/all thin clients when we deploy them. Is there a quick simple write up that someone has done up in terms of getting started? (I have the "Install" and "Admin" guides but looking for something more if its out there.)



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RE: WDM Installation & Getting Started with Packages & Images

I had asked the same question, as I'm sure others have, and the answer is "No".  There is no "getting started" guide, and I find the structure of the Admin guide and the gui itself to be horrible.  I've been trying to get basic WDM functionality to work off-and-on for two years now, took a two day class, and had an onsite consultant for an entire week.  

I'm convinced that very few people in Dell/Wyse actually know how the software is supposed to work, nor the extent to which it is currently flawed, and there appears to be a very narrow intended path thru the gui and other utilities, which is undocumented.  You can see from these forums just how many pain points, patches and workarounds we're forced to struggle with, and just how little authoritative, correct input from Dell there is here.

YMMV - good luck.

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