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Powershell or an API in tandem with web interface

This is more of a suggestion for Dell to improve WMS. I have imaged around 300-500 wyse 5070's (Lost count). Now maybe something like this already exists, but i didn't find it. I absolutely find it insane that i have to use a web interface to move these devices to different groups for imaging. Now i have been learning powershell heavily to automate many of the tasks i do on a daily basis.  WMS should have either an API i can interact with to feed it commands for it to do or better yet should have a powershell module built for it similar to what SCCM has.

besides those things i mentioned it these wyse clients work wonderful for my place of employment.

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I have the same problem. Did you found a solution for it?

I created some powershell cmdlets to get all informations from WMS. 

I search for a solution, to send to the clients, like messages, new terminalname, biossync.


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