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WMS 1.3 Client Upgrades not working!!

has anyone managed to get the firmware upgrade working?

i've added the pkg in the app&data repo and enabled the following setting

Firmware Update LogicAny different firmwareUpgradeTest
Skip Local Firmware Check (See warning in description)YesUpgradeTest
Disable Live UpgradeYesUpgradeTest
Enable BIOS UpgradeNoUpgradeTest
Verify SignatureYesUpgradeTest



and when i reboot my client machine it gets the following message in the event log:

skipping firmware check on ftp since already received upgrade/downgrade request form wms

but the firmware is still sat on 8.5 and not upgrading to 8.6

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Re: WMS 1.3 Client Upgrades not working!!

Are you sure your 5070 is not a 5070 with PCOIP? 

I would suggest you upload the 5070 with PCOIP firmware as well, and add that to the policy. 

You can also validated if it is a PCOIP device by going to packages tab under System tools and see if there is a PCOIP package.

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