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Post RDP connects with XP Pro but not with Win 7 Ultimate???

Post RDP connects with XP Pro but not with Win 7 Ultimate???

XP Pro & Win 7 on same router with same static IP address. The XP Pro RDP connects with the Droid X & your Pocket Cloud paid version but when I added my Win 7 Ultimate it says that the username or password is wrong even though I verified & re-entered the exact password several times. I have the Wyse Companion software installed in the Win 7 Ultimate machine. The settings are clearly set to allow RDP. Rebooted the Droid X & the Win 7 computer --- it did not help. I thought logging in on the Droid X with the gmail login would help in its settings--autodiscovery login. I do not see anything on the Win7 Computer that allows me to put the Gmail login within the Wyse Companion software so I tried running my email login at the same time also. What can causes the Wyse Remote Desktop to say the login or password is incorrect even though it is correct along with the correct Static IP Address???

The only thing different with the settings from the XP Pro machine is the local area IP address & the machine name & the login name & password. The port used on both is 3389 as they both use the same Motorola 3347 Router.

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