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PXE / Network Boot Shortcut Key?

Question PXE / Network Boot Shortcut Key?

Is there a shortcut key for the Wyse Thin Client to perform a Network boot or is the only option to change the boot priority from within BIOS, setting boot from LAN to #1? I am using the Z00D series, specifically p/n 909592-68L and 909692-68L.

I've used other thin clients before (HP) and if you press F12 during boot up, it would perform a network boot. I don't think this works for the wyse though...

This would be helpful in my case because it will quickly allow me to re-image my wyse thin client without having to go into BIOS.


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RE: PXE / Network Boot Shortcut Key?

Try pressing the "P" key during the initial boot process to bring up the Boot menu.



Roger Montalvo 
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