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D10DP Utilization

I have several (about 75) of the D10DP thin clients which I guess is the new 5000 series.  We're running ThinOS 8.0.  We are having slowness and disconnect issues when running VMware VM's with PCoIP.  I suspect the issue is that the thin clients are having trouble with the dual 24" displays. 

Is it possible to view the CPU, memory, video, disk, network performance of these units?  If so, how?  We have replaced a few of the D10DP with Optiplex desktops using the VMware client software and the users see a huge performance increase.  I need to find the bottleneck. 


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I would recommend that you contact technical Support at 1-800-800-9973 option 4 for assistance on this issue. You should upgrade the firmware to 8.0_512 if you haven't done so.

On another front, you can go to the Troubleshooting option on the thin client and select "Performance Monitor" and you will see the CPU, Memory and Networking monitors.

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