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DTOS 9.3 USB Redirection of iPad

Has anyone had any luck with usb redirection in DTOS 9.3?  It has always seem to be a pain to get it to work.  We have switched from Wyse 5030 PCoIP zero clients to Wyse 3040 thin clients.  USB connected iPads worked well on the 5030s, but do not on the 3040s...  I have added the USB Redirection row in WMS, but no luck.  Couldn't get it to work with DTOS 9.2 either.

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Are you trying to do this with Blast, or PCOIP? 

Are trying to pull the IPAD into your session for connection with Itunes?

Screenshots of the event log on the thin client when you connect Ipad, and from WMS with your USB redirection settings please

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We use PCoIP.  Yes, we are trying to pull the iPad into the windows session.  On the 5030 (zero clients) the window session sees the iPad as a removable device in file explorer and the iPad shows up in device manager.  On the 3040 (thinOS) the iPad does not show in either place (in the same windows VDI desktop).  

Here are the WMS settings:DWMS USB.png

and the event log from the 3040 when the iPad is connected (sorry for the crudeness of the image):



I am in this same jam, but with a different device.  It shows up in the event log, but won't redirect to underlying RDP sessions. 

I'm curious if you figured it out, or if anyone else has ideas.

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I am still having this issue.

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