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Keyboard Layout is not working properly

Keyboard Layout is not working properly

Hi. I am using Thin OS 8.0_037 on T10 and have been struggling with this keyboard layout problem.
Koreans use 103/106 keyboards and there are two additional keys compared to the 101 US standard keyboard which let it switch from Korean to English and vice versa. It seems like T10 only support the 101 keyboard layout since two additional keys didn't work. In addition, I tested with one standard 104 Japanese keyboard and 3 additional keys didn't work.

I changed the keyboard layout to Korean (MS-IME2002) and Korean under System Settings - Peripherals but it didn't work. When I connected to the same vm using RDC on Windows, the two keys worked fine so I think T10 only supports 101 keys.

Could you guys tell me what I need to do to resolve this issue?
Thank you and have a great day~!

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