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Wyse Cx0 USB redirection


We migrate the citrix xendesktop to last version, xendesktop 7.6.

Now, we have problems with USB redirection with Wyse Cx0. The problem is that not redirect any usb.

We view some posts that they spoke to modify the ini file. We wanted to test to change this file but, the only way that we view for load this file to the Wyse is with ftp.

Anyone knows if it's possible to load this ini file to another way, without ftp?

Someone has encountered with this problem, USB redirection with Wyse?

In some posts I see that they commented to add this line in ini file:

Device=vusb ForceRedirect=VID,PID.


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RE: Wyse Cx0 USB redirection

Hi Sergim,

I have the same issue, did you ever find the resolution?
If not, I will try and post my findings here too.


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