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Wyse T10 and Certificates

Hi, hope someone can help me out!!

We have some Wyse t10 (Firmware 8.1.27)  and are trying to connect to storefront using https (works with http) using a FTP server with DHCP options set.

The certificates seems to be the issues as we have a root, intermediate1 and intermediate2, intermediate 2 is trusted by Intermediate1 which is trusted by Root Ca.

When we add these to thinos the two certificates for the intermediates appear as trusted by the rootCa, not in the correct chain.

It works fine on a t3030 Terminal in Legacy mode.

Failed on a t3030 if Storefront=Yes is set, Error is Parent certificate is invalid"

Doesn't work at all using HTTPS on a T10.

From what I understand thin OS should understand the Certifcate chain beig 3 Deep but its not doing so?  

Chain is




anyone else seen, experienced this issue?

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