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Wyse 5060 Defaults to US Keyboard Layout

I'm trying to get my thin clients to default to en-GB keyboard layout, but cannot get it to work,

We have Wyse 5060 thin clients running Win10 2016LTSB (Image version 0A71 from Dell), using WMS 1.4 and WDA 14.3.

Trying to set the default keyboard layout in WMS only seems to add en-GB as an option in the language bar. Setting the default language doesn't seem to make a difference either:



I can't set the language during image build as sysprep wipes those settings out. Dell also seem to go out of their way to force it back to en-US, re-writing Sysprep xml files and using custom scripts in temporary partitions (I found one instance of the prep calling Powershell to run a command in D:\WSF\Lansel.txt to set the language to en-US).

It's starting to get quite annoying now as every time the clients are reset my users have to reselect the correct keyboard. It also causes havoc with people putting in passwords when the layout has changed and they don't realise.

Has anyone else come across this problem and/or managed to resolve it?

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Re: Wyse 5060 Defaults to US Keyboard Layout

We are having this exact issue and what makes it worse, is that it even ignores configuration set within the wysemanagementsuite, always defaulting back to US

I raised with our supplier who are totally uninterested 

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