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How to apply security patches

How to apply security patches.

Hi all,

So I have a bunch of S90's that we need to reuse. I wanted to reflash these clean with the latest firmware update (unfortunately it only goes up to SP2). I finally got that working using the simple imager utility.

Now that I've updated the firmware I want to apply a security patch or two. We have found older units infected with conficker. There is a MS security patch MS06-040

205. MS06-040 (921883) SP2 builds (August 2006)
(766.5 KB) MS06-040 (921883) - Vulnerability in Server Service Could Allow Remote Code Execution

And the newer patch

How exactly do you install these patches on the wyse device?

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RE: How to apply security patches

To install patches, you need to use WDM which can be downloaded from Please note that since the S90 was discontinued over five years ago, WDM has not been tested with the S90.



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RE: How to apply security patches


Hi I'm new to WDM (since last night) and currently about 8 hours into my attempt to install windows updates to one D90D7 unit.

168 patches.

There are many things I could say at this point but for now I just need a hug. Know what I mean?

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