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D90D7 BIOS update


I have some Wyse D90D7 2G/4G (RAM/SSD) that I will upgrade to 4G/16G. Currently the BIOS version on those Wyse is 1.0A.

I would like to know as they seem to be alike Dell 5010 if I can update to BIOS to the last version in date 3.0S, or if the last compatible BIOS for the Wyse D90D7 with 2G/4G is the one which come with the Firmware v9.04 Build 855 (WFR4), 3.0D ?

I prefer to ask because they are not covered by the warranty, and I wouldn't not like to brick them..


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Re: D90D7 BIOS update

You will need to contact Tech Support to get this file as it does not seem to be posted in the public website.

Support can be reached at https://support.dell.com

Roger Montalvo

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