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Printer Issues with a Z90S7

Printer Issues with a Z90S7


We have just started rolling out Z90S7 thin client units for a client that is on our hosted Citrix solution. When trying to print some of their documents they seem to run out of space on the Z RAM drive and fail to print. Also, but I think this may be a CTX issue, it doesnt seem to keep the settings even when you set them as you are printing in a different format (they are trying A3 Booklet style).

Can I increase the RAM disk size? or do something to minimise the printjob size? or should this be printed from an actual computer?


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RE: Printer Issues with a Z90S7

Login to the Z90 as administrator and use the control panel applet for the ram drive to expand its size. This will increase the size of the Z drive. Make sure the Write Filter is off before you make any changes.

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