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Sysprep X90M7 Windows 7 Embedded

Sysprep X90M7 Windows 7 Embedded


I've been having some troubles with simply trying to sysprep this Wyse X90M7 Win 7 Embedded. I've read the Admin Guide, using Wyse USB Image Tool, and sysprep off system itself. As previously mentioned on another post, USB tool doesn't sysprep system. I simply need to generate new SIDS.

I keep getting "fatal error has occurred" when trying to sysprep system. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.


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RE: Sysprep X90M7 Windows 7 Embedded

Give this a try... http://support.microsoft.com/.../929828

I have only had luck using the base image from Wyse and I could customize that image and run sysprep. However, if I try to then customize my new image and run sysprep again, it will fail with the error that you receive. Hope you have better luck.

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