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XPS 400/Dimension 9150, reboots

Why does my Dell XPS 400/Dimension 9150 boot up to the Dell screen, then reboots and it just keeps doing it over and over and over and it’s never says anything it just keeps rebooting? And it won’t go into safe mode and when I turn the tower off it comes right back on.

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Re: XPS 400/Dimension 9150, reboots

Perhaps the almost 14 yr old model is dying a slow death. If you are running an old version of windows you cannot upgrade to the only fully supported OS. It is time to replace the oldie with a new or newer computer.

Remember that windows 7 or any earlier OS is not supported after next week. It will not be safe to use online.

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Re: XPS 400/Dimension 9150, reboots

Try this first:

  1. Power off and unplug the power cord from both the rear of the PC and from the wall outlet
  2. Press/hold power button on front of PC for ~30 sec
  3. Reconnect power cord to rear of PC
  4. Reconnect power cord to outlet last
  5. Reboot

BTW: When was last time motherboard battery was replaced?


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