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XPS 8500, Blu-Ray drive capability?

I have a Blu-Ray drive in my Dell XPS 8500. It is listed as being Dell part number 429-ABFD.

I cant find if this drive can write on to BD-RE Dual Layer  (ie, 50GB) disks or on the regular (25GB) disks.  I think the drive manufacturer's (Hitachi?) model number is  HL-DT-ST BD-RE BU40N but there may be versions of that model that support Dual Layer and versions that support XL (100GB).

Many thanks it you can shed some light.


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Re: XPS 8500, Blu-Ray drive capability?

There is software that can determine the reading and writing capabilities of a CD/DVD burner, look here:


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Re: XPS 8500, Blu-Ray drive capability?

Back when I burnt disks, I used ImgBurn (but I think he stopped development) .


IIRC, it had a nice "drive capabilities" tool.

And some advice (feel free to ignore it) ...

I used to burn a lot of disks. Nice DVD-burners and also now a newer LG-BluRay-Burner/Ripper ... always using name brand (usually Verbatim) discs.
- Single-Layer DVD burning was always fine.
- Dual-Layer DVD burning was only about 50% success-rate.
- The Dual-Layer DVD+R/DL discs that did burn (and verify) properly, often went bad after a few years or so.

So, I only burn single-layer DVD (and even that is rare now-days).

The costs of single-layer BD was never cheap but they seemed to work on the few I tried back then.

The cost of blank Dual-Layer DB is astronomical and hardly worth it.  Since it is dual-layer again, I think you will be burning some very expensive "coasters". 😊

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Re: XPS 8500, Blu-Ray drive capability?

I recommend USB 2.0 model because it can be used on every dell made from 2006 on.


BU40N is laptop style 12MM drive.



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