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XPS 8930, Corsair CX650M PSU, Gigabyte GTX 1080 Ti, success

When I bought the XPS 8930, it contained an i5-8400 processor, GTX 1050 Ti, 460w PSU. Well I was wanting to upgrade the graphics card to a GTX 1080 Ti. I looked all over forums and such for information on whether or not I could do such a thing and found a bunch of good information about having the right size PSU and whether it would fit or not etc. But every forum post I seen had people either saying they installed a smaller graphics card then a GTX 1080 Ti or that it couldn't be done for compatibility reasons. Well, I just installed a 650w PSU (Corsair CX650M) and a Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1080 Ti. I just wanted to let anyone wondering whether it was possible or not that it is. I didn't have to do anything in my BIOS. I seen some forum posts saying that Gigabyte branded wouldn't work, but it did for me. Here are the steps I did and it was super easy.

* I pulled out the old PSU and installed the other one which was just some unplugging wires and unscrewing some screws then the reverse
* Then I pulled out the graphics card and snapped the new one in
* Plugged the XPS 8930 in and BAM it worked. I didn't water cool anything and I get about 50°C temperatures. I am about to install an intake fan on the front. I gathered this idea from a helpful forum post on here. I am just trying to pass on the favor and give some info that might help someone since so many other posts helped me!


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