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XPS 8930, two major problems

Alright, this is my first post but I have two problems. First off, I should say that I bought this on December 23 of last year but didn't open it up and start it until Christmas. About a week or two ago, I was going through recordings on my PC when the screen tinted itself green and the PC froze up. Since then, when I've watched YouTube videos (and videos in general) in full screen, it sometimes glitches and will only stop if I get out of full screen and go back.

The second problem is that, starting today, the PC will not recognize any audio sources plugged into the front headphone jack. Not my speakers, not my earbuds, anything. I saw another thread about a similar issue from February, but found no answers.

I'd appreciate any help you guys could give me.

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Re: XPS 8930, two major problems

For the second problem, check Control Panel /  Hardware and Sound / Sound and on the Playback tab, make sure the default is Speaker/Headphones.

For the first problem, it may help to know more about your video setup; discrete or integrated video and graphics drivers you are using.

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Re: XPS 8930, two major problems

Does machine pass ePSA Diags and long ram test (F12 on boot) ?

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Re: XPS 8930, two major problems

no oS stated, is it windows (seems so CP stated ) but what windows, w7,8 or 10? be nice to tell that first.

guessing w10-64bit.

then goto your support page at Dell, 8930 and load all divers there matching you unstated OS.


if you have things in the PCI slots be nice to know that too. and what.

if you have anything, not keyboard/mouse in the USB slots, be nice to say that too.  (usb speakers or phones WOW)

display problem can be the cable (unstated type) and display bad or wrong GPU driver.  same as above.

if the display is HDMI be nice to say that right off.

id need to see the PC with my eyes, even case cover  off to see all things connected.

what you have there I could never guess. and is a problem talking in a text box and everyone assumes wrong.

do all devices show good I control panel click devices?>????

what usb ports are connected to anything, (not mouse/kbd)????

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