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XPS 8940, BIOS updates, 2.7.0, SA hangs

What is going on with all the recent XPS 8940 BIOS updates? Have all the previous iterations been defective?

Also, after updating the BIOS to 2.7.0, SA (SupportAssist) "check for drivers and downloads" now hangs at 99%.

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@sewing1243 wrote:

What is going on with all the recent XPS 8940 BIOS updates? Have all the previous iterations been defective?

I can't answer this with a definitive answer, but some of us with Nvidia Discrete cards from Dell installed with our 8940's (I can't even say ALL of those configurations have the problem) are experiencing 'freeze' or 'lock-up' conditions. Even at least one user running Linux. This all started with V2.4.0, and it could happen more than once a day. Reverting to V2.3.0 and there was no problem. Dell I 'assume' tried to fix it with V2.5.1, V2.6.0, and not V2.7.0. The first, V2.5.1 was not much better than V2.4.0. Still, the last two still produce the problem, although with a longer time between fails. However, it is still not fixed with V2.7.0, so I assume there will be another release soon.

The problem may also be tied to the Motherboard version, as there are at least 3 different versions in the US.

This problem has not be reported by anyone (from what I've seen) that doesn't have an Nvidia card installed.

Unfortunately, Dell doesn't provide any release contents in terms of what it fixes, just some standard comment, "The update contains critical bug fixes and changes to improve functionality, reliability, and stability of your Dell system. It may also include security fixes and other feature enhancements."

V2.7.0 does list Vulnerability fixes that have been made public, but NO other fixes.


- Firmware updates to address security vulnerabilities including (Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures - CVE) such as CVE-2022-21166.


I've never seen any BIOS list an fix other than the CVE ones...

Since these are true Security problems fixed, unless you are experiencing problems with the latest release, I would continue to use it, and any new releases. Have an Nvidia card, choice is yours to make. I have suffered some OS problems due to the OS locking up, lost settings and possible file corruption, which can occur, same as powering off via the power button and not using Shutdown to turn off the PC.


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I have the AMD video card so luckily I haven't had the issue you described, but I did have a problem with the Dell provided Radeon Video Driver/Radeon Software resetting itself intermittently. A Dell tech thought it might be the card, but after Dell shipped two defective replacement cards I gave up on that and downloaded the factory drivers and software and have not had the issue since.


I have the same issue with freezing on 2.7.0.  I've tried going back to 2.5.1 and 2.4.0, but when every I reboot the OS forces an upgrade to bios 2.6.  I'll give 2.3.0 a try, but if the system forces 2.6.0, do you know how to get it to stop forcing this bios version?  Thanks!

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  1. As soon as BIOS v2.3.0 is installed, reboot and tap F2 to open BIOS setup.  Disable the UEFI Capsule Updates option. That should prevent Windows Update from automatically updating BIOS again.  NOTE: Every time you (intentionally) install a BIOS update, you'll have to disable that same setting again because every BIOS update enables UEFI Capsule Updates, even if you previously disabled that setting.

  2. Disable or uninstall Dell SupportAssist and Dell Update.


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Can you show me how to update the Bios back to V2.3? I am not aware how to do this and the risks involved. Will it wipe the computer or is it just a small tweak? 

I need to get this thing running or im going to scrap it for parts... awful machine this 8940


It is easy, just like any other BIOS install... easiest is in Windows, just D/L the file and execute it. It will load and then you reboot to finish the install. Once done, go into the BIOS and turn off Capusule Update or else Windows Update will replace it.


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@sdsgn  - You have to enable the BIOS downgrade option in BIOS setup before you can downgrade from the current BIOS to any prior version, and you can't go back any further than 2.3.0.

Reboot and tap F2 when you see the Dell splash screen to open BIOS setup. Find and enable the BIOS downgrade option. Save the change before exiting BIOS setup.

Safest to follow the Installation Instructions for Updating the BIOS from BIOS Boot Menu (independent of operating system) on the BIOS 2.3.0 page.

Shouldn''t have any effects on your data or installed apps, but always a good idea to have a current backup on external media, just in case...


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