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XPS 8940, upgrade to Samsung 980 1TB SSD

My XPS only has a 256GB NVMe SSD by default. I recently bought a Samsung 980 1TB SSD and would like to upgrade instead. Anyway I can clone the window and bios from my current SSD to the new Samsung 980 SSD without using an adaptor or NVMe to USB cable?

Or is it even possible to do even with adaptor or cable by the grace of Dell tight locked system configuration? Thank you in advance. 

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@Mel628 I assume you also have a hard drive, so you can use Macrium Reflect Free Edition to image your 256 GB SSD to the HDD. Use Disk Management to see all the partitions (Recovery, EFI, OS, etc.) on the SSD and image each partition separately to the HDD. Then use Macrium Reflect to create Rescue Media on an USB drive. Install the new SSD, boot from the Rescue Media, and then restore each partition in the same order to the new SSD. When you get to restoring the OS partition also expand that partition on the new SSD to use the new capacity of the SSD. See the Macrium Reflect user's guide chapter 'Backup, imaging and cloning'. There is no reason to purchase an adapter.

thank you, I also see discussion on changing the bios setting from RAID to AHCI before clone, is that a must for the SSD to work properly, do I have to change back to ACHI afterwards.

@Mel628 You can't change the BIOS from RAID to AHCI before cloning, the Windows RAID setup on the original SSD will not boot so how would you be able to clone. You should clone first, nstall and boot from  the new SSD, then change the BIOS according to the procedure mentioned previously..

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