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XPS 8950, is 4x8GB viable?

My XPS 8950 came with 2x8G RAM modules. My intention was to add another 2x8GB modules to bring my total to 32GB. I viewed the memory specifications and they list numerous possible RAM combinations, but 4x8GB is missing from the list. I have 'spoken' to several people on-line and some say it 'should' work fine and that the list is not intended to be a complete list of possible combinations. Others say it is risky since the new RAM probably can't be returned if it doesn't work.

Has anyone here tried the 4x8GB configuration? Logic tells me it should work if I install the new 2x8GB modules in channel two. This would create a matched pair in each of the two channels. I have never seen a limitation that would prohibit populating all memory slots with the same size RAM as long as the "max RAM size" wasn't violated, but I suppose that's possible.

Your input is appreciated.

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In order to give yourself the best chance of success the RAM should be the exact same modules as your original OEM RAM. Not something similar . . . but the exact same part number. The four RAM modules may zonk you down to 4000 MHz.


I agree that having the same modules provides the best chance of success.  It's odd that I can't get a comprehensive response from Dell about whether this will work or not.   A couple of agents said that the 4 X 8GB configuration isn't on the memory specification document so it "probably won't work" but they didn't know if the specification document listed only those configurations that would work based on system design OR if the list is merely some configurations that were recommended.

I had an extended discussion with Crucial Memory this morning and their assessment is that it WOULD work to add 2 X 8GB to the existing configuration as long as the RAM was single rank.   The initial agent wouldn't commit until he had the discussion with a more technical team, but I'm still left wondering about the accuracy and completeness of that memory specification document.


Dell uses proprietary RAM, so consider getting the 2 additional 8GB modules through Dell so that it is exactly the same. The RAM configurations listed in the memory specification document will include only configurations that have been validated by Dell . . . not necessarily all configurations that will work.


One user uploaded benchmark of 4x8 gb. https://www.userbenchmark.com/UserRun/51078033

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Dell doesn't use "proprietary RAM". 

Many users around here get RAM from Crucial because they guarantee it works or they take it back, assuming they recommended the modules for your specific PC model. 

Here's the link to 8 GB Crucial modules for the XPS 8950. And there's a link on that page to order it through Amazon.


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Crucial may make RAM they guarantee is compatible with the XPS 8950 . . . but is it compatible mixed with Dell OEM RAM?

This is the 8GB RAM they sell for the XPS 8950



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trying that photo again

Dell Memory.JPG


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Yes, Crucial RAM will be compatible with the RAM Dell installed. And if for some reason it doesn't work, Crucial will take it back at no cost to the OP.

Besides, look at the ginormous price difference between Crucial and Dell RAM...


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I have the 4x8GB setup using OEM Dell ram 4800 MHz for the XPS 8950, however the configuration using 4 slots will indeed take you down to 4000 MHz. Hope that helps. 

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