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XPS8930, Waves MaxxAudioPro Audio Driver not up to date

This error message appears (attached screen shot) when Waves MaxxAudioPro is opened  Nothing is operational in the app except for sound test.  MaxxAudioPro is included with the Realtek Audio driver so that should mean the update should work when the Realtek Audio driver is updated.

Re-installing the same version for the Realtek Audio driver through Dell Support wasn't a fix after WU installed the Realtek Audio driver update. All drivers for the XPS system are up to date including the latest BIOS.  

I fixed this problem a couple years ago but I didn't take any notes. I can see the launcher does remove both the Realtek audio driver first as well as the Maxx Audio (x64) driver. Then updates for both are installed. I've also verified these operations were successful in the Control panel Reliability Monitor.       


Does anyone know a fix for this driver issue ?


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@RoHe wrote:


Don't know why Dell removed the link to 6.0.9107.1.  IMO, they should always have the link to the last prior version of every driver, in case the newest one is a dud, like the latest Realtek, but they don't listen to me...

I rolled my XPS 8930 back to 6.0.9107.1 even though the new one wasn't causing problems here. So far- Windows Update hasn't forced 6.0.9205.1 on me or even offered it as an "optional" update again.


I still have the "direct" download links to the 6.0.9107.1 Realtek audio Dell drivers.
it's either this one (9107 A19) or this one (9107 A20)

Dell should tell Waves Inc. to update their Maxxaudio app because the 9205 Dell driver version has the same Maxxaudio app version as the 9107 Dell version and it might be buggy & needs a newer app version

@erpster05  - Neither of the two Realtek driver links you posted is listed as being compatible with the XPS 8930, even though they may have the same version number as the driver that's compatible with the XPS 8930.

Those two are compatible with various Dell laptop PCs. And they may -or not- include Waves MaxxAudio Pro which is included as part of the Realtek audio driver for the XPS 8930. Anyone who installs either of them does so at their own risk.

The compatible Realtek driver for the XPS 8930 with that version number is:
Realtek-Audio-Driver_F15XW_WIN_6.0.9107.1_A08.EXE and includes Waves.

The compatible version for the XPS 8930 prior to 9107.1 was:



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