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Charging error

The charging is only working when the laptop is off . Once I plug in the charger while the laptop is on the laptop is shutting off, so I work only based on the battery

also some times the power is suddenly off while I am working 

XPS 15, 9570, bought on Dec2018

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Re: Charging error

Battery is probably dying. Try removing it and using the adapter alone. If that works--  Use the laptop as a desktop replacement. Make sure the adapter is not loose in the connection and is recognized in the bios. 

See this about today's battery life of only 18-24 months or less--


You will have a hard time finding a genuine Dell replacement battery from Dell or Dell Parts. Stock has run out of many models of batteries. I did find this if you want to spend the money but make sure to check out compatibility with your exact model--


Batteries do weaken even sitting on a shelf. I would use the adapter alone and save the money. Don't buy from private sellers on the net or in marketplaces like Amazon or Ebay. Lots of scams with replacement batteries.

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