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Dell XPS 15 9570 Finger print reader no longer working.

Hello all,

  • I have recently received my XPS 15 and am loving it. Besides the fact that the finger print reader has just stopped working. I have looked into it and it appears to be a problem that was on the last gen as well. When I go into settings to sign in options, it says this instead of the normal finger print thing. The fingerprint did work at the beginning but for some reason now it doesn't even know that it has one. I would guess some sort of update came through when I was setting it up but I don't really know.this is what it says nowthis is what it says now

Any help would be very much appreciated. it says all my drivers are up to date as well.  

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same problem. the support assistant said all my drivers were up to date but reinstalling gooodix fingerprint Version, A03 did the trick. it must have got corrupted. at the same time this happened my norton antivirus had to reinstall due to an error. i dont know if the two are related and if so which one caused the problem for the other. 

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Below are some links with information on the fingerprint reader. Reinstall the drivers and run through the setup again.

Fingerprint Reader Installation Guide

Downloading the fingerprint reader driver


I have a very similar problem. I couldn't use my fingerprint reader from the very beginning. It shows the same for me that "Windows Hello isn't available on this device". At the top it also says in red "*Some settings are hidden or managed by your organization" (this is a private laptop though).

I have uninstalled the Goodix fingerprint driver twice now but it did not work. I looked for the drivers mentioned in your second link (Dell Data Protection|Security Tools (DDP|ST) and Control Vault) but both were not available in the drivers section for the 9570.

What other reasons could be there for this problem to exist?

I have exactly this similar issue. I reinstalled the Goodix fingerprint driver, but it did not solve the issue.
Please Dell Support fix this issue. My problem started on September 10, 2018.

Have the same problem on my new Dell 15 9570.  Fingerprint reader does not set up.  It reads my fingerprint the first time, asks me to touch it again, and says "your device is having g trouble recognizing you.  Make sure your sensor is clean."

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My XPS 15 9570 fingerprint reader also stopped working (after a Windows upgrade I suppose) and after fruitlessly contacting Dell support (only suggestion was to make a clean Windows install) I finally solved as another user in here:


reinstalling Intel Guard Extensions Platform Software, that probably was corrupted.

Thanx stef065, this was THE solution. My fingerprint reader is working again. Final note for the Dell Support Team: how come that users need to find their own solutions??? It’s easy to advise to do a reinstall of Windows. You guys NEED to know these solutions like repairing the Intel driver. Some people struggled months with this issue without any effective support from Dell. Go find a solution, start testing things, find out why your buyers have these issues. I am very dissapointed in your team. Thank God for users like stef065! Thanx my man.

My XPS 15 9570 also has this problem today. I've tried the solution above but it does not worked.

Could you please tell me how to reinstall the driver mentioned by stef065?


They just don't give a **bleep**. Almost everything is wrong with my XPS 15 since the first day I bought it. Support seems to be able only to copy-paste wearesosorry messages. Will try this hack for a new problem - not working fingerprint sensor. 

This laptop is the worst purchase I've ever made.

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Were you able to figure this out?

I've been having this issue for weeks.

I sent my laptop to Dell but they failed to fix it -_- 

Not too sure how to proceed from here

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