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Dell XPS 9550 Bluetooth problems with Headphones

Well I think I am late to the party but I have bean experiencing problem with the Bluetooth connection

I have successfully paired and connected some Bluetooth headphones like Beats
Now I went and got myself Bose SoundSport Free, Bluetooth headphone buds.
I have updated to the latest Windows 10. 1903 version
I have updated the headphones through btu.bose.com
I have uninstalled and reinstalled the Bluetooth and Audio drivers
I have followed numerous guides online like This one

So to describe the problem then this happen
When you take the headphone buds out of the case after charging them then they automatically turn on and blinking blue Bluetooth light blinks and the AI voice indicates battery charge percentage and indicates "Ready to connect".
In Windows I go to System\ Devices and the beginning page is the Bluetooth and other devices
Then choose "Add Bluetooth or other devices"
I choose 1. Bluetooth. Mice, Keyboards, Pens and audio or other devices.
Windows finds the headphones as Bose Soundsport Free as Audio but not as headphones.
The Bose Bluetooth buds detect they are discovered and paired with a computer and sometime the voice says the device name it is connected to and go out of Bluetooth discovarability.
XPS/Windows does not make the connection but indicate that the pairing was successful and there is no other choose then to accept that with the OK button. (Screenshot #1 below)
Then in Bluetooth devices section the headphones are shown as detected and paired but not connected.
I choose them and choose "Connect" then Windows says under the title of the headphones "That didn´t work. Make sure your device is discoverable, then try again." (Screenshot #2 below)
Now Windows discoverd them in pairing sequence but doesn´t connect them.
So I thought something is wrong with the headphones.
I try this on my home computer. No problem at all windows discovers them and makes the connection in pairing sequence and holds them in connection all the way.
But not XPS 9550 just kicks the connection out after pairing and doesn´t have a clue why user want´s to have these headphones connected like are the speakers that bad for you?
yes they are and so does everyone that have reviewed this laptop on YouTube but it makes up for in everything else So can someone in Laptop department at Dell order 3000 Bose headphones and start investigating this issue ? 

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Have the same issue with my new JBL bluetooth headphones and dell XPS15 9550..
It says it is paired but when I click 'connect' it says 'that didn't work'.

I tried bluetooth troubleshoot, updating drivers in device manager, disconnect reconnect, re-pair, etc. etc. but same problem persist. No audio on my bluetooth headphones possible. Same problem with bluetooth speaker. While these devices do work with smartphones etc..

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