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Dell XPS 9550 Freezing on battery power but works ok with linux on USB


I have a Dell XPS 15" 9550 and have done a reset/reinstall of windows and dell support app says all drivers are up to date but the laptop freezes when on battery power. Looks like the battery is ok.

If I remove ac power, sometimes it freezes instantly, sometimes trackpad will work but can't alt+tab and stuck on that one screen. Sometimes after the freeze get blue screen.

I tried putting Ubuntu on a usb thumb drive and could boot to it on battery power fine, so that suggests the battery is ok and perhaps it is a windows driver issue.

I tried starting up to the bios screen and removed ac and that didn't freeze.

How do I tell in this fresh install if a driver is causing the freeze and which one?

What other troubleshooting can I do.

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We tried reaching you on a private message but did not receive a response. Please feel free to write back whenever you are available.

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I have replied back with service tag.




For a laptop that is only 3 years old (for mine) I can see this is a very common problem with Dell laptops in searches.

I don't think it is the battery because I can boot fine to linux on both battery and ac and switch between both.

When I remove the ac, the computer will continue playing video and so on but the task bar and any windows features freezes, then 30s later BSOD with critical process died.

The laptop will also not recover from sleep, with either laptop lid left open or closed.

I have tried to reinstall windows serveral times using both dell and windows recovery.


Surely Dell has worked out a solution or troubleshooting approach by now.

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I've been experiencing exactly the same problem for about a year now. I have the same xps 15 9550 with the same configuration and it freezes when the AC adaptor is disconnected.
I have also tried Ubuntu Linux and it works perfectly on battery.
Several things can happen, the image can freeze, the screen turns black or a catastrophic error message appears on the blue screen and the only way to be able to use the computer again is by pressing the power button for a few seconds.
Is there a solution to this?

Thank you very much.

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