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Dell XPS not detecting external monitor

My Dell XPS (15 inch 9570 model) laptop is not detecting LG external monitor via HDMI cable using Windows 10. I confirm the HDMI cable and the LG monitor are being detected and working fine when connected from Lenovo laptop. When I connect external monitor from XPS laptop via HDMI, the Windows display settings shows an yellow coloured message "did not detect another display display" (pic 1 attached). But advanced display settings show the option 'Display 2: LG Ultrawide'. Below that the display information section shows as Display 2: LG Ultrawide connected to Intel(R) UHD graphics 630 (pic 2 attached). I have updated the display drivers for Intel UHD graphics, but still the content is not being projected. Could anyone please help

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This happened to me - here is my solution: remove the Dell Display Monitor Software.  Shut down and restart the computer.  Switched the connectors from different USB-C port to another.  Trigger the USB-C port recognized different signals from your external monitor.  And then, I changed the display for just Display External Monitor only instead of my laptop screen. I saw flicker images on my external monitor and then I switched back to my original USN-C port again.  Then I changed the displayed to extended. My monitor worked.  (I did reinstalled the monitor driver as well).  That solved my problems.  Hopefully you managed to solve yours too. 

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I've had too many unacceptable issues for a Flagship machine, this being one.  This process works for me, but I have to do it anytime I change monitors, which I do regularly.

Open device manager

unfold "Display adapters" 
right click on one and click red X at top of device manager box
Repeat for all adapters in list
The "Display adapters" will now disappear.
right click on the "Desktop header" and click scan for hardware changes
Unplug extended monitor cable and reconnect
Display adapters will likely return with one or more adapters.
right click on "Display adapters" and scan for hardware changes


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Thank you. This is a great response! Well done!


Thank you kind human for rescuing me from this predicament  


I have the same issue with my dell xps 


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