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Dell XPS overheats while sleeping

When I first purchased my laptop (XPS 15 7590) it would overheat while in sleep mode. It seemed to stop doing this after a while, but after a recent update it has since starting overheating again, becoming extremely hot to the touch and a fire hazard. There seem to be plenty of posts about this problem what is Dell doing to fix the issue?

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Appears to be an issue with the fingerprint scanner - this solution worked for me and now it is not overheating on sleep. Hope it can be of use to people.

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AS far as I am aware dell may release a BIOS update

Until than set the hibernation time to 20 minutes

These machine have fast NVME SSDs and they wake fast any ways

also Disable Connected Network standby


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Unfortunately, the only "fix" or workaround that I know of is to disable Sleep and use Hibernate instead... 

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