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Factory restore after company installed Windows 10 Ent


I have a Dell XPS 15 and this was my company laptop. So it was reinstalled with a Windows 10 Enterprise from my company and added to the domain. I am now planning to use this as a personal laptop cause I have a new work laptop. How can I restore the OS that was on the laptop when it was new? Can I use the recovery partition for this? In the Windows 10 advanced boot there is no Dell option since it now has Windows 10 Enterprise on it.

I have read that I can download new media but what is then the use of a recovery partition?



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Re: Factory restore after company installed Windows 10 Ent

What version of Windows was originally on the system? And can I assume that when Windows 10 Enterprise was installed, it was a clean install and the drive was formatted and repartitioned? If so then the recovery partition would have been wiped out.



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Re: Factory restore after company installed Windows 10 Ent

The device came with Windows 10. The recovery partition is still there. Its 4,7gb and 500mb in use. what is the recovery partition for? Is there a special button so I can recover my original OS like other manufacturers? Like on my Lenovo laptop.
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Re: Factory restore after company installed Windows 10 Ent

I have the same issue, more or less. I'm sure there is a download available for the original factory restore. Can a Dell Tool search this out if you give it access? I upgraded to Windows 10 Professional 64bit, as a clean install. I may have saved all my settings and the original Windows 10 Home to a USB stick but I'm not absolutely sure that it is correct. I await a response to your question, with interest. Thanks.
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Re: Factory restore after company installed Windows 10 Ent

Factory Partitions are obsolete... because they contain an old version of Windows. Microsoft released a new build of Windows 10 about twice a year. You are best to clean install Windows 10 using installation media from Microsoft's Windows 10 Media Creation Tool. After installation, use Dell Update to install all the system drivers provided by Dell. Full instructions are available here:


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