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Flickering 3rd display when using the WD19DC dock

Just bought the wd19dc dock, and connected my 3 DELL screens to it. 2 work fine while the 3rd one flickers. 2 of the screens are connected via DP, the 3rd is via HDMI.

Any idea what might be causing this?

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Re: Flickering 3rd display when using the WD19DC dock

What system model are you using and what are the resolution(s) of your displays?  Have you already updated the system BIOS and Intel Graphics drivers?  And NVIDIA/AMD Graphics drivers if applicable to your system?  Does the third display stop flickering if you disconnect one of the other displays?  If not, have you confirmed that the flickering display and the cable you're using both work properly with another system, or perhaps when attached directly to the system's built-in HDMI port if it has one?  If you haven't done that, I'd try swapping the HDMI cable first.

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