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Intel Optane Memory Pinning, error

getting this error message, any help welcome

Intel Optane(tm) Memory Pinning : can not load the file DLL ´iaStorAfsServiceApi.dll´ : Can not find the specified module. ( Exception HRESULT : 0x8007007E).

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how to remove this error .


The error started popping up right after the latest Windows 10 Insiders Preview update. The simple fix of going to the App in Settings and selecting "Modify" worked for me also. Thank you!


this works.

after the repair just restart.


Thank you for the solution. It worked. 


Welcome to the Dell Community.

* From your Service Tag page, click DRIVERS & DOWNLOADS
* Select the Serial ATA drop down category
* Look for the latest Intel Rapid Storage Technology Driver (version or newer)
* Download/install. When done, restart the PC and retest

* Go to the “Control Panel”
* Click on “Default Programs”
* In the lower left hand corner click on “Programs and Features”
* First you could try to "Repair/Modify" any "Intel Optane Software" that may be installed (Memory and Storage Management, Pinning Explorer Extensions)
* Reboot and test
* If that does not work then “Uninstall” any "Intel Optane Software" that may be installed
* Reboot and test

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Quick Background on Intel Optane Memory


Thanks..This solved problem with this error


Your very welcome @ganeshkp 




Worked after applying the repair, thanks.

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This problem is back with the Intel RST update and the listed solutions are no longer possible with this update.   I am mulling an uninstall of it.


I resolved this once in November 2019 by installing SetupRST.exe on my XPS 15 9570.  However, I did the Windows 10 Pro upgrade to 1909 and found this issue had returned.

The release notes for iRST include a line that looks to indicate that the pinning error was resolved.      I uninstalled RST and reinstalled it - issue resolved.

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