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My XPS 15 only works if the back cover screws are taken out. why?

Any advice would be a great help.

Weirdly enough the laptop works fine when the screws are taken out, but when the screws are in, connecting the back cover, it turns itself off or won't turn on.
After pressing the on button, the screen remains blank, the laptop fan runs for a few seconds, eventually giving up and the front base light blinks orange, even though it's charged or connected to the power. (Just in case it's relevant the light blinks 2 orange 1white.
Has anyone else had this problem? let me know if you've solved it. Thank you.
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2 amber and 1 white indicates a CPU failure. The only thing I can guess is a MB problem where the flex of the cover when tightened is flexing the MB. Have a look at the MB and see if the CPU area looks intact. Also run diagnostics (F12 immediately at boot) to see if any CPU errors arise.

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Yes! I posted elsewhere on here mine died. I discovered it works 100% with the bottom off.

I'll let you know if I figure it out. Dell have been totally uninterested.

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Hi, did you find a solution for this. I have exactly the same problem!! Thank you for you help.

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I am also having this problem!! Very strange!!

If screws are in the back panel, I constantly get the "slide to shut down" then it automatically shuts down error.

If anyone has a solution please let us know.

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