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XPS 13 7390 where is the standard SD card port

Just received my new XPS 13. Assumed that ports should be about the same but no. There is only one USB port (via wire adapter) vs 2 on old XPS. More importantly there is now a micro SD port. Where do I put my standard SD card?

The old XPS standard SD port allowed for an adapter when using a micro SD. Made sense to adapt down. Spending money to get a better faster and then less convenient system. Placing all common used ports on the laptop is better than wires and adapters. Simple. I don't get it. Thinking of sending it back. After 20 years with Dell I keep getting disappointed.

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Mary G
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Re: XPS 13 7390 where is the standard SD card port

Standard SD cards are old tech now much like cd's and dvd's are fast becoming. You know you don't have a dvd optical drive. You can buy an external sd card reader cheaply or convert to micro sd. 


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