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XPS 13 9360, motherboard fault

My Dell XPS 13 won't power on. The power LED lights up for about 10 seconds then goes off again. There's a fan sound for a while but then it goes off. 

I heard that this is a common issue with Dell XPS series laptops. My laptop out of warranty for a year. Dell is not offering anything, and this is not a cheap laptop...I would except from dell at least repair service for free, the brand really let me down. I work for an IT company as well but this is not a customer service to give such a brand like a DELL.

I'd be more understanding if it were the hard drive or something else but motherboard failure after such a short time means there's a serious quality issue here.  I've bought many Dell machines over the years - desktops and laptops and they've all had a good, normal lifespan with the hard drives eventually going.  Never a motherboard failure.  £450 and Dell will fix it.  Yeah, right.  I'll buy a new one before I plunk down that much change.  When I do, I guarantee if WON'T be a Dell!!  Two words Dell:  Quality Control.  Defective motherboards that aren't replaced won't earn you repeat customers.

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I have this same exact problem and the power supply was replace after having for less than 90 days. It was still under warranty but the computer didn't even last 3 years before the motherboard died.

From my experience buying a more expensive notebook doesn't  mean a better quality motherboard. It generally means you paid more for the more expensive CPU or screen quality and maybe some other minor improvements like lighted keyboard, more ports, or a dedicated GPU. I also find that the thinner smaller and lighter a notebook is. The more issues they seem to have, so maybe this is related to heat, shock, or something else. Not sure? but clearly the bigger thicker more traditional notebooks are more durable. 


I also own an XPS 9360, and my motherboard just failed. Luckily it was TWO DAYS from being out of the one year warranty (TWO DAYS!!! I'm so lucky).  They are coming to repair it tomorrow, with the premium warranty that it came with (which is pretty good to be honest). The new motherboard now comes with 3 months warranty on that part.

My question is, is it worth me spending £196 to extend the warranty for a year, as that seems really expensive? The other options are £314 for 2 years or £373 for 3 years. Should I not just take insurance out on the laptop instead, because doesn't insurance cover things like that and more?

Thanks for any help!

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Just bear in mind that this system was made by the second-largest notebook manufacturer in the world, and that it also makes notebooks for HP/Compaq, Acer, Apple, Lenovo, and just about everyone else.  So -- you may think your next system is different, but the fact is that you may well buy a Buick to replace the Chevrolet you aren't happy with. 

A three-year warranty is essential on notebooks -- remember that next time.  Just about everything inside is soldered to the mainboard, so any one component that fails means a very expensive repair.  You may think it'll be different with Lenovo, HP, etc. - but it won't.  About 20-25% of all notebooks will fail in three years -- no matter whose name is on the outside.  Over half of them come from just two manufacturers, and use components from just a small pool of the same suppliers.


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