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XPS 13-9370, audio crashing


My XPS 13 9370 has an issue where the audio might crash and stop working after a certain amount of time or after waking up the PC from sleep. This issue only applies to the laptop's external speakers, plugging in headphones will output sound to the headphones. But for the speakers the only solution that I was able to find was restarting the computer. 

I'm almost certain I've started experiencing this issue after I updated the audio drivers through the Dell Update system. I haven't had this issue before then.

Is there any known solutions?

Windows Troubleshooter reinstalled the drivers. That didn't fix the issue.
I tried to roll back drivers from device manager, device manager didn't give me the option to roll back (Option was grayed out)

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This has been happening to me almost every day. I have tried multiple fixes but none of them seem to work. It is very frustrating considering this is supposed to be a top of the line laptop. I am also hoping Dell will release some sort of fix otherwise it may be time to look for a company that can actually build a functioning product.

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This is how I fixed the issue on my XPS 9575. Have been fixed for a week and no audio issues at all. Dell support remoting into my computer twice never fixed it. I almost sent the laptop back and I am glad I figured it out.

Go to this website:


Download the first file on the site. It will be a .CAB file.

Create a folder under c:\ and name it Realtek. Extract the cab file into that folder (it will take a little while).

After that finishes, go and right click the windows menu (start). Click on device manager. Scroll down to Sound, Video and game controllers and expand it. Right click Realtek audio and hit update driver. Select browse my computer and point it to where you unzipped to cab files. Just hit next and let it work and install the drivers for you.

Reboot your computer and enjoy the sound, the problem is solved.

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The last post about drivers doesn't seem to work for me, but whilst not fixing the issue you can avoid a reboot by disabling/enabling the Realtek controller in the Device Manager:

Go to Device Manager
Sound, video and game controllers
Disable Realtek Audio
wait 20 seconds or so
Enable Realtek Audio

Sound returned for me then. Not a fix, a workaround, but saves a reboot.

My XPS 13 9730 is also doing this. A reboot fixes it. Disabling and re-enabling the driver temporarily resolves the issue.

Adding my name to the list for my 9370 because the <profane> is <profane> me off. Sound has stopped working almost everyday this week. Complete garbage for a $2000 laptop.

Thanks @qwepoi, for your tip on stopping and restarting the driver. Super helpful to be able to avoid a reboot.

Am installing the latest driver manually from Dell's website. Hoping that's a permanent fix. 

No probs. I found the latest driver was worse, with latest bios. Also that the line out/headphone jack stopped working. I've rolled back to it still fails, but it more robust than the latest and for me i need the headphone out jack so pretty fundamental!

I've had issues where the audio stopped working (internal speakers) with my new xps 13 9370.

Latest drivers makes the headphone jack audio stop working. Can't play music from soundcloud in chrome to the headhpones. Reboot fixes it. Really annoying. Haven't tried disabling enabling the driver to avoid a reboot, will test this later.

Once it's working it seems to keep working till you go to sleep mode.

The latest drivers didn't help. So frustrating. Dell clearly doesn't care about this issue else they would have solved it months ago. I'm resigned to having an expensive laptop with a constantly crashing sound card. 

True, the silence from Dell is deafening. Has this been escalated yet?

In the mean time, I would like to point out that this issue does not exist on Linux; I switched months ago and have been very pleased with the results.

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