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XPS 13-9370 (i7 8550u refresh), output HDR to capable screen?


I own a XPS 13-9370 laptop with the i7 8550u processor (I think this was the refresh from the original 9370). the computer has Intel UHD 620 graphics and this can supposedly support HDR playback. There are two Thunderbolt 3 ports which could potentially output HDR given their bandwidth. I see an option to enable HDR stream content playback in Windows settings and I have the HEVC codecs installed (as well as SGX, Intel ME, and the other Intel component required). 

Can this XPS 13-9370 output 4K HDR 60Hz out of the Thunderbolt ports to the right screen (I have a Sony XD83 49XD8305 which has 2 capable ports for this purpose)?

I am assuming the best way would be a straight Thunderbolt to HDMI cable without any adapter in between. I am also aware the default setting for Windows laptops is to not play HDR if they are on battery power only. I have tried with a Thunderbolt to HDMI active adapter and a capable cable but I did not get the option to enable HDR/WCG content in windows.

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