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XPS 13 Plus 9320, turns on after shutdown

Hello, I recently bought the XPS 13 Plus 9320 from Dell. I got it August 16 so it hasn’t even been a month of ownership. This problem started yesterday when I did a driver update, When I shutdown the laptop, it turns back on in even when the lid is down and this causes the battery to drain when I come back to use it? I contacted Dell and they went through a couple of things and nothing worked. After the factory reset the product. And still this problem occurs. Do I have a defective product, and what do I do?


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Happy to report problem fixed, can't see anywhere to "Accept as Solution" under my "old 1.7.1 install the PC would restart after I have finished and walked away from it, completely draining the battery (Top).  Last night I closed and PC did not restart till this AM when I pressed the power switch (Bottom).

Screenshot 2022-09-15 073635.jpg

Regards, Peter

PS: @QuangTH thanks for the tip about Auto BIOS update, I did not even realize this was an option!

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This evening I went looking to turn off the Auto BIOS update setting in the BIOS but there was nothing obvious!  Is it the the one titled  Enable UEFI Capsule Firmware Updates?  It says disabling it will block BIOS updates from services such as Windows Update so I am not 100% sure...  Thanks, Peter


Why would you report this as a solution when you weren't even 100% sure where the option is located? You are correct though, that is the correct setting in the BIOS to disable (if you want to disable automatic updates for the BIOS through Windows). This forum should not be marked as solved because Dell has not released a new BIOS revision (1.6.0 still has the YouTube lag issue).


Hi @d5123101 My problem as shown in the title "XPS 13 Plus 9320, turns on after shutdown" is solved, I am on the latest BIOS version and my laptop will shut down and stay shut down:-).  In my case I did not need to disable the auto update function, it was my technical curiosity asking:-).  Thanks for confirming what I had seen was the correct place to disable auto update if I need to in future.  Regards, Peter


So you're saying that you're back on the latest 1.7.1 revision and not having the random boot up issue anymore? I've downgraded my XPS just to entertain Dell but if you have to downgrade and then reupgrade and that fixes the boot issue then maybe I will try that.

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That is correct I am on 1.7.1 dated 24-Aug-22.  I down graded to 1.6.0 and PC shut down OK.  Next time I restarted it auto upgraded which surprised me and hence my question.  Only thing I did differently to previous BIOS installs is I did them connected to a dedicated power supply not the power supplied by my Dell Thunderbolt Dock WD22TB4.  I am not sure if the dock was a contributing factor before...  Peter


So finicky it seems, when I get the chance, I'll try it again. Thanks for your insight.

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Has this issue been fixed with the 1.8.1 update?


According to the "Fixes & Enhancements" section, it does. However, Dell-Cares said they'd PM me back when engineering had taken a look and resolved the issue. So who knows?

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Are there any problems with the new BIOS 1_8_1 exe. update, because I don't want to take the risk

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