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XPS 15 Battery getting worse day by day

My xps 9560 battery (about 20 months old)  a few weeks ago suddenly started fall in performance, i didn't change my typical usage but since then it is getting worse every 2/3 days as you can see from this report


Is there anything i can do to stop this trend?

My dell command - power manager is set on Adaptive

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Today's batteries can start to weaken or even fail after 18-24 months. They don't last as long as batteries from years ago. There is no going back when this happens. Buying a new genuine Dell battery from Dell is pretty much impossible for that model but required on Dell laptops and also to make sure to get a brand new Dell battery. Don't buy batteries from resellers or even companies on the Internet. Many are scams. Your model was in that swollen battery era and all the Dell stock has been depleted. You should be able to remove the battery when it fails completely and use the adapter alone. Read--



about 2000$ notebook and i CAN NOT even buy a new battery

It's ridiculous


Welcome to the Dell Community  @meeki 


Excellent feedback.

How can it be a "SCAM" when the Seller, PayPal and eBay have a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Being a seller on eBay I can say with experience that "The Customer is ALWAYS right"

Best regards,



Bought my laptop and ever since have had problems with software, drivers, speakers.. now I have my battery burning out and freezing my laptop. When asked for support, with warranty renewed, I was told my warranty renewal doesn't cover it anymore, it only works on the first year. This is a JOKE

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