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XPS 17 (9700) - Battery Drain


After year and a half of use, battery life is less than 4 hours in a power save mode which is ridicilous. This happens even with regular web browsing etc.

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I am having the same problem with my brand new one... It has been 35 days since I bought it and they don't allow me to return or replace. Had Dell my whole life. It is time to try something else...

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Same issue here. With battery performance selected in Windows 11, I’m only getting around 3 hours. It’s normal regardless of what the Dell “helpers” claim. It doesn’t matter what drivers you install, I.e., Dell, Intel, or Windows, you can tweak your system hear and there but we’d be foolish to believe you’ll get an additional  few hours. MS Edge is a resource hog though. Anyway, 3 hours is the real number with real use. The only way to extend your time is to set it down a stare at it! 

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