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XPS 9520 5Ghz connection

XPS 15 9520


I got a brand new XPS 15 9520 and I have some issues when I want to connect to 5ghz wifi. 

The router works perfectly and the new XPS is in the same place as my previous laptop (which works on 5ghz very well)

I tried to install the latest wifi driver, bios update etc but without luck. When trying to connect to my 5ghz wifi I get an error "can't connect to this network". And that's it. Nothing else happens. 

I saw that many XPSs had WIFI card problems. Could this be the same issue? 
Any ideas? Thanks!


PS: I have the AX211 network card.

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My wifi card is set for 802.11ax, even set preffered 5ghz network. 
So you've signed up for the insider program in Windows? This is the way you got the .160 driver version?


My Insider system does not have the 6 GHz option.   An advanced driver may not make a difference in your situation.  

Let me double check and get back to you about that driver, I have to reboot to get into that install.

Edit:  I have 22.150.x.x for the Wi-Fi and 22.160.x.x for the Bluetooth which were both supplied through Windows.  Beta Channel if you decide to try.  Don't go to the DEV channel or you won't be able to get back to a normal install.  

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Try the drivers from Intel website, always used them over manufacturer drivers and work's perfectly Intel® Driver & Support Assistant.  In fact I'm impress how the connection is good, even on wifi 5


Just used that tool right now. Found 3 drivers, updated them but still the same.  
I ran out of ideas. Even removed the password for the 5ghz. 

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Looks like there is no other option to try. 
Thank you very much for the replies guys. I will mark this topic as closed. 

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