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XPS L702X. Help needed on this Legend of a Laptop.

My XPS L702X is still going strong, the reason why I invested in this particular laptop, the best in class and was advanced for the year released. Why oh why do I not get any support for the OS that came on it (7) and why oh why will I not get support to upgrade it to Windows 10 as I don't have a choice do I. Dell is forcing me to upgrade my OS but will not support??? Very disappointing. I am currently trying to install Windows 10 and it is sitting at a flashing cursor. Please can someone help. I don't want to get a new laptop as this one still functions and has the most amazing sound, has all the power i need too, never had an issue with this laptop until now with the Operating system not being supported. I spent more than enough upgrading my machine when I purchased. Sorry this post is both a please help and a rant. Would like a response from DELL as your option is for me to buy another laptop when this one is perfectly fine, I would love a solution and for some Dell customer service please.

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